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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Is The Canadian System Broken

Is The Canadian System Broken


James Bredin

Politicians claim they want change but not too much,
No binding referendums, recall or common touch,
No Proportional representation allowed,
They don’t want the electorate to be aroused.

And the prime minister should never be impeached,
‘Cause he’s so seldom in the country, he can’t be reached,
Can’t stop directing special secret funds to Quebec,
To pay the separatist ransom if you’ll check.

And people should not be required to vote,
Stick to the status quo - we’re all in the same boat,
And if people don’t vote ‘cause they’re not inclined,
Their input is not needed and they’re never fined.

Compulsory voting will never come here,
Politicians don’t want it so have no fear,
The legacy of the lecherous has left no doubt,
They’re loyal to their party and that’s what it’s about.

Individuals isolated in this status quo,
Alienated and encouraged to stay low,
Just democracy and there’s no need to vote,
The system is broken and the country’s on remote.

And those who even write that changes should be made,
Should not be encouraged so their ideas will fade,
The tyranny of the powerful will not go,
As they control the real majority down below.

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