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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Is Democracy an Illusion in Canada?

Is Democracy an Illusion in Canada?


James Bredin

Is democracy an illusion or for real?
Why canít we change the status quo even piecemeal?
When did you last vote for your prime minister?
Can we talk about this or is it too sinister?

Does your MP represent you or his/her party?
And in Ottawa is he/she just another smarty?
Marching in step with what the PM needs,
Are you the needy nerd while the party succeeds?

And no matter what they do they canít be recalled,
We can have an inquiry and all act appalled,
But thatís all -- even if it looks like theyíre crooks,
We might ask politely if they ever cooked the books.

And the agenda, their secret agenda; whatís that?
Itís how they set the schedule and get it down pat,
Their special interest schemes but you donít worry,
Sit back, donít think and thereís no need to hurry.

Canada is fine they say and weíve got the Charter,
Written by Trudeau in the days of Jimmy Carter,
And those terrorist refugees knocking at the gate,
Have immigration lawyers so thereís no need to wait.

You might wonder what senators do for their pay,
With no job description itís all in the gray,
But you never mind Ďcause you canít vote for them,
Like the appointed judges you canít even condemn.

Should we have referendums to bring about change?
Or is this a hideous thought and definitely strange?
Should proportional representation be allowed?
Or should we stay forever wrapped up in a cloud?

Or should we say nothing and pretend itís alright,
Like lambs to the slaughter in the dark of the night,
Then they tell us we might have an election,
Though no set dates as they lie about a new direction.

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