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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Easy Euthanasia

Easy Euthanasia


James Bredin

When I meet God, Iíll ask about euthanasia,
And the connection to abortion and amnesia,
Propaganda by the good and committed,
Zealots who want to guide us and weíve permitted.

Should our right to life have the freedom to end it?
If weíre sick and dying anyway and canít mend it,
And judges dressed up like bishops say "No."
Dictatorship of the righteous and no quid pro quo.

Though I hope I wonít meet god for many years to come,
Go quietly in my sleep at a hundred and one,
Canít help feel sorry for those trapped by awful events,
When politicians hide with religious malcontents.

They say they can control the pain but how they lie,
Itís illegal to offer folks a speedy goodbye,
Hope they change the law so you forget this verse,
Nothing worse than dying, screaming for a nurse.

We should have a place where people can go to die,
Those in pain, too old, sick and tired of being alive,
A place where people could demand a peaceful exit,
Above board, legally accepted so clinics could fix it.

I know the ethics of this idea are irregular and strange,
Though accepted in the Netherlands and easy to arrange,
But here the government is a distant thousand miles away,
So pompous pious politicians can stay aloof and astray.

Officious priests and pushy prudes all know the score,
Change nothing to help those struggling out the door,
Canít have euthanasia Ďcause itís against our rules,
And canít change the rules for these sick and tired old fools

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