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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Don#t say anything bad about Quebec

Don#t say anything bad about Quebec


James Bredin

Donít ever say anything bad about Quebec,
Just send a billion or two and sign the check,
They should and will get much more because they deserve,
More equalization too because they have lots of nerve.

Though those equalization payments keep them well fed,
Billions upon billions plus the sponsorship bread,
Is this welfare entitlement mentality?
Established by Ottawa abnormality?

And thatís not all; theyíre furious and mad as hell,
Though they run Ottawa like a school and ring the bell,
They have a referendum about every ten years,
To separate from Ottawa and leave us in tears.

We have bilingualism stuffed from east to west,
While theyíre unilingual French which is never stressed.
Have we all gone mad somewhere along the way?
Did Chretienís Charter of Rights turn our feet to clay?

Our status-quo guys in Ottawa will never change,
Canít see the writing on the wall; canít rearrange,
Canít vote a prime minister or a senator in,
Or ask an appointee judge if she plays the violin.

And maybe weíll get a government minority,
With honesty more prevalent than authority,
And what about referendums and recall and such?
Or maybe impeachment with political research?

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