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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Democracy my friend

Democracy my friend


James Bredin

Democracy they say should allow people to change,
Pompous politicians too slow to rearrange,
They want to stick in the status quo and stay,
-- These corrupt officials who just won’t go away.

No one ever said democracy was efficient,
And the present system is downright insufficient,
Where corrupt officials can pompously deny,
For years and years and years and then just say goodbye.

And they want to banish referendums and recall,
Somethings we don’t have that just might make them crawl,
While they arrange the flow of funds to their few fine friends,
In Quebec of course because they keep up with the trends.

And set election dates will also have to be banned,
Corrupt official who cannot select these dates could be canned,
And voting for senators is strictly taboo,
Like voting for a prime minister -- and that too.

Their imperial majesties should never repent,
The people should fall into line and be content,
As though they’re gradually trained to accept corruption,
Where politicians steal without interruption.

Laundered kick-back money doesn’t count in donations,
Rearranged here and there in accounting complications,
And these vicious allegations are no doubt all wrong,
They’re the party, they belong, they’re staying and they’re strong.

The people should stay calm and never ask for change,
The status quo should stay and never be rearranged,
What more do they need; they have a Charter of Rights?
Referendums and recall will only lead to fights.

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