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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dalton at Queen#s Park

Dalton at Queen#s Park


James Bredin

Dalton: I hope you have another job lined up,
‘Cause if and when you get that job, it wont be soon enough,
We should have known what tax-and-spend Liberals do,
And now you’re elected, you dropped your other shoe.

Your tax-and-spend programs are close to cheat and rob,
Have you sent out the applications for that next job?
Difficult to believe how we could all be fooled,
By someone dumb as you where Mike Harris once ruled.

It seemed as though we sleep-walked into this ugly mess,
We needed a change but not this I hate to confess,
You lied and lied and lied again just for power,
And now we have four years to go broke and cower.

Tax and spend politicians are plentiful indeed,
They lie and cheat and promise in order to succeed,
We know Dalton, Rae and Mulroney’s GST,
No referendums or recall for you or for me.

Dalton: Did you learn something from your Ottawa friends?
Those Adscam corrupt Liberals into tax-and-spend,
These are indeed scary times while you Dalton-guys decide,
And drive in limousines that we taxpayers provide.

"Don’t loose your sense of hopefulness," I heard you said,
Did you suddenly sense our hopelessness while being fed?
If there’s a mistake made, McGinty, you’ll make it,
Then tax and spend with gobbledygook to fake it.

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