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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Could Canada Change?

Could Canada Change?


James Bredin

A Charter written for everyone in the world,
Criminals arrive with fierce hidden flags furled,
And terrorists too all claiming Charter rights,
Canada you see has long been in their sights.

Canadians in this status quo canít change a thing,
Told to stay where we are, way out on left wing,
But the socialists at the UN think weíre great,
Told we have democracy so no need for debate.

Appointed judges might make slight revisions,
Could their secret hidden past influence decisions?
Dressed up in bishopsí clothes they look strange indeed,
Unquestioned appointees donít have to pay any heed.

Bogged down in the system of first past the post,
Canít put proportional representation foremost,
Canít pass a law that Canadians should vote,
Canít stop isolated dictatorship by remote.

We need a system so that we can impeach,
And recall of politicians is not out of reach,
And all elections should be set by selected date,
Not a delayed decision to keep us sedate.

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