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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Governor General if you please

Canadian Governor General if you please


James Bredin

Stuck up appointee spendthrift at Rideau Hall,
Travels the world with sixty friends and Jonnie Saul,
Doubtful links to royalty with honor guards,
Wearing broaches, braid, ribbons and medals with bars.

No one knows for sure why we need pretend royalty,
If we didnít have it, would it show disloyalty?
Do we bow our heads and nod in agreement,
Or the monarchists will show that they are vehement.

Iíd like to like Empress Adrienne and John,
Does that mean I like everything that went on?
And I should bow down at the Empressí suggestion,
And accept the status quo without question.

In this so-called democracy, I think not,
The divine right of kings has long been forgot,
And giant junket safaris with friends is not right,
Open the window and let in a little light.

They try with pomp and circumstance and guards,
Dressed up posh like a colorful pack of cards,
"We spend it well," Adrienne said so all is well,
"Let them eat cake," said Marie Antoinette and fell.

And thereís nothing you can do about it, so there!
The status quo stays so you havenít got a prayer,
And the pretend royalty at Rideau Hall,
Travel the world and continue to have a ball.

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