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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Charter Problems

Canadian Charter Problems


James Bredin

We were told, time and again that the Charter was great,
The Queen had signed it so no need for debate,
No property rights as in a communist land,
Human rights are the issues and everything is grand.

Democracy replaced by judicial dictatorship,
Autocracy embraced by official directorship,
Tied to the tealeaves of Charter interpretation,
Terrible testimony of administration.

And terrorists can come and claim their Charter rights,
Written for "Everyone" on the incoming flights,
And Canadians donít know Ďcause they havenít been told,
No referendums or recall in an unhappy mold.

These unelected unquestioned judges you see,
Appointees for life who donít heed or need your plea,
Isolated in Ottawa far away from us,
Dressed up like bishops clothes wondering whatís the fuss.

And no one can change things Ďcause everything is great
Questions can be asked in parliamentary debate,
But no constitutional conference allowed.
They say this often and they say it aloud.

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