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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Adscam Corruption

Canadian Adscam Corruption


James Bredin

The Adscam appointees are now all lying low,
They and their journalist friends say that this can’t be so,
That they had their hands so deep down in the kitty,
$Billions missing now and not just a little bitty.

Canadians reelected them in 2004,
Therefore everything’s okay so stop being a bore,
Because it all happened once or twice before,
At Shawinigan and HRDC so we should know the score.

Because of that, the Liberals think they’re just fine,
With permission to steal what’s yours and what’s mine,
The money in the taxpayers’ treasury is theirs,
To travel and spend and entertain like millionaires.

Pompous patronage appointments wall to wall,
Where the auditor’s report means nothing at all,
Because the people have no input till they decide,
No referendums or recall where ideas collide.

And all this raucous will disappear in the smoke
Postponed and maneuvered out of reach in one stroke
While no one reacts to these runaway numbers
And Canadians can now return to their slumber.

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