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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Are Canadian Liberals so great?

Are Canadian Liberals so great?


James Bredin

Liberal propaganda and Goebbels could agree,
Socialist stuff in papers, radio and TV,
Oh Stalin too would understand their dedication,
Manipulate the system for cooperation.

Where every word, picture and paragraph is bent,
In keeping with their obvious agenda and intent,
Screaming, pointing a finger, and lying through their teeth,
Difficult to believe with Adscam hidden underneath.

You canít change the system because they are god,
And you canít think of this as peculiar or odd,
Just obey and believe and donít ever disappoint,
Youíre a nobody, who happens to live in this joint.

You understand of course that this is for your own good,
International socialists canít be misunderstood,
Itís the Charter, my friend that we should change,
Itís control of our government we should arrange

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