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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - An Inquiry a year every year, year after year

An Inquiry a year every year, year after year


James Bredin

Our politicians have an inquiry once a year,
Whether they need it or not; they do it and leer,
It gives the illusion that everything’s above board,
Whereas in actual fact, they once again scored.

They like to appoint someone nice from Quebec,
Bilingual multicultural to go and check,
But delay, delay, let the process take its course,
And talk about nothing until they’re all hoarse.

The terms of reference are never mean,
No names, numbers, dates or dollars can be seen,
And that missing billion was just a fluke,
Like at HRDC in 2000 - no one will rebuke.

It’s the reputations of the people involved,
More important than anything that might be solved,
Trivial information overflow rules the day,
Till everything is resolved and it all fades away.

But anything worth anything is well hidden,
Buried in the Access Act where it’s forbidden,
Who said and did what and when and where?
There’s no paper trail so why should they even care?

Political smoke and mirrors will bend and change,
Advancing heat of summer will really rearrange,
A good time to close it down while everyone’s at home,
Order in council and mostly on the phone.

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