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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam or Shawinigan

Adscam or Shawinigan


James Bredin

Senior politicians pronounce their perfection,
Diligently deny any Adscam connection,
Or anything to do with pork-barrel money,
Do people believe them or is this very funny?

Our political fault line is billions to Quebec,
Equalization or ransom - a pain in the neck,
Stuck in Shawinigan type scandals galore,
Shawinigan or Adscam - it happened before.

They’ll have an election soon - these old Liberal men,
Not hemmed in by date so they decide where and when,
Manipulate the money and events to placate,
Certain voters will be easily bought by that date.

Quebec nationalists is a misnomer and sad,
Has getting billions from Ottawa become their fad?
Has welfare become an entitlement and a right?
Are we even allowed to see this in the light?

Drive-by dollars to those they pompously promote,
While the remainder of voters are on their remote,
Will some ambitious politician read these words?
And realize the status quo is for the birds.

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