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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A Toronto Politician

A Toronto Politician


James Bredin

Vote for me my friend and youíll never be taxed at all,
Iíll be open transparent, with ethics wall to wall,
Iím not like them and weíre long overdue for a change,
Let me get hold of the treasury to rearrange.

And everything will be great and food will be free,
The homeless will have houses and you canít disagree,
And everyone will be happy just you wait and see,
ĎCause nothing can go wrong; remember to vote for me.

We donít need so many cops all around town,
Just stopping drunk drivers with a badge and a frown,
We need more places where people can go and take drugs,
Free needles, no hassles, and lots of social-worker hugs.

Most of those gentle people in jail should be free,
Weíll let them out and theyíll be good; Iíll guarantee,
Between you and me weíre going to change this city,
And you can all come and sit in my social committee.

And if I take an overseas junket, itís for you,
Iím not going over there to fool around and to screw,
And no one will ever have a need for a riot,
And we can eat for free and no need for a diet.

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