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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - White Flight

White Flight


James Bredin

Politicians who talk racial profiling don’t know white flight,
Not politically correct real estate stats out of sight,
They want video cameras in cop cars to check on these cops,
But not shooters, thieves, looters, terrorists and other zealots.

And if you ask about their motives they’ll point a big fat finger,
Accuse you of being prejudiced and ask you not to linger,
They’ve got their own socialist agenda and you’re not involved,
You can join the white flight tonight and their problems will be solved.

It’s the homeless in doorways and panhandlers they assist,
And affirmative action where no one is allowed to resist,
They’ll invite you to join their ranks at the riot or the meeting,
Or camp out at Queen’s Park taunting the cops looking for a beating.

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