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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Still Ongoing Royal Tour

The Still Ongoing Royal Tour


James Bredin

Do not think for a moment that they might be going shopping?
Marie Antoinetteís royal GGís tour eating cake with topping,
ĎCause word filtered down from on high that you are way off base,
Itís conferences and round tables, drinking wine by the case.

And when the talking heads on TV tell you that culture is great,
Believe them because they dislike democracy and debate,
The artsy fartsy fancy sixty that know it all got on this tour,
Itís tough but someone had to do it and they choose to endure.

Itís inexpensive because theyíll be staying in fancy hotels,
According to their high rank of course - not those discount motels,
Please pay attention because your taxes may not be enough,
To pay for this randy royal tour and all their huff and puff.

Iím sorry you couldnít make it but you had no connections,
Not royalty, a blue blood or on their list of selections,
Youíre just common - not a member of the aristocracy,
Not like them and Iíve heard it said they donít like democracy.

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