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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Liberals may Stay Forever

The Liberals may Stay Forever


James Bredin

The Liberals cultivate loyalty, then put us in the hole,
With appointments for their friends who have already sold their souls,
And their appointees to the Supreme Court canít be asked questions,
About their sexual preferences or any suggestions.

This cartel of social spenders that tax, lend and really squander,
Are allowed to go here, there, everywhere and wander over yonder,
To all the exotic places to search and find a social cause,
To give taxpayersí money without questions like Santa Clause.

You canít point a finger because itís politically correct,
Taxpayersí money to the Third World, then tax spend and collect,
And they canít break a law or make a mistake Ďcause itís all hidden,
Their appointees ensure that subpoenas are strictly forbidden.

They just love impress their friends at the United Nations,
Soldiers in Afghanistan but no help in US relations,
And weíre told to believe that our democracy is intact
A reality check would show us dictatorship, in fact.

Majority governments defeat parliament every time,
As they just tax and spend and squander down to the very last dime,
We need referendums and recall to slow their grip on power,
With the ability to impeach dictators in their tower.

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