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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Inquisition (Part 3)

The Inquisition (Part 3)


James Bredin

Certain newspapers you see are almost never into the news,
They push their pious propaganda with their prejudiced views,
These self righteous hacks all have their own socialist agenda,
Theyíll tell us all what to think and itís not about referenda.

I ran into racial profiling in that big department store,
I was part of the long lineup that went back along the floor,
When the cashier got off her cell phone she gave me quite a glare,
I was so sensitive of her attitude - it said "beware."

Should I complain to the kangaroo court or the newspaper types?
Would I get to explain my problems on TV -- about my gripes?
Racial profiling should stop and these inquisition people care,
I think Iíll call them now because my name would be hidden there.

Thatís right, Iíll be anonymous and no one will know my name,
And if I tell a big lie or Iím dead wrong, Iíll get no blame,
But I want my dignity returned and I want those cops brought down,
I want those video cameras mounted here there and all around.

On top of cop cars, in the walls, behind the toilets and in the ground,
Itís about human rights you see and what theyíre up to with the sound,
With minorities as majorities and social order right,
Multiculturalism predominates and weíre into white flight.

And minorities canít be investigated or even stopped,
Penitentiaries are opened and all criminal charges dropped,
Those cops are prejudiced and we all want affirmative action,
Where everyone is equal and we donít need a police faction.

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