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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Inquisition (Part 2)

The Inquisition (Part 2)


James Bredin

We’re going to have an inquisition and an exercise in blame,
It’ll be a public finger-pointing pantomime in all but in name,
Propaganda in the papers should increase the copies sold,
Political correctness, twisted stories and statistics that we’re told.

We notice that you’re white; do you have a problem with those blacks?
Don’t you think that this inquiry will cause us all to relax?
Do these questions and our attitude bother you in the least?
Would you confess all those hidden sins if I was a priest?

Just how many lesbians have been allowed to join the police?
Do you have a problem with this or can they keep the peace?
We’re going to root out racism because they told us it’s there,
We’ll show you whose boss and we don’t care one bit about your glare.

We’re politically correct -- a serious righteous holy crowd,
We’re going to change the rules ‘cause we’re sanctimonious and proud,
And certain stereotypes will, from now on, be treated with kid gloves,
We’re going to neuter you nerdy no-good cops from way up above.

Because people of certain culture and color should be free,
To express their culture and heritage to the highest degree,
We may need a Human Rights Agency to oversee events?
It doesn’t matter what this agency costs in dollars and cents?

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