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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Incoming Terrorists and Refugees to Canada

The Incoming Terrorists and Refugees to Canada


James Bredin

Your average terrorist refugee has six levels of appeal,
In the normal world this process would be completely unreal,
But in Canada these court proceedings can take ten years,
No one knows who’s been deported so they never disappear.

Of course the courts are bogged down by all this in and out,
Murderers, rapists and thieves remanded endlessly no doubt,
As refugees appeal their way slowly to the Supreme Court,
And thousands more arrive nightly at the Toronto Airport.

The legal-aid lawyers are enamored by all these strange schemes,
Their ready-made work and projects overlook national extremes,
And it’s all done legally of course on the taxpayers’ dimes,
And no one pays attention to these extraordinary times.

‘Cause they designed this scary system to help themselves of course,
Realizing all the time that this was one weird work source,
By using terrorist and refugees to give the impression,
They were helping the poor and destitute in their profession.

But with the courts bogged down there’s no protection for society,
As they conspire together without impropriety,
As they feather their nests and they all walk tall at City Hall,
Without referendums or recall there’s no protection at all.

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