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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Canadian Senate

The Canadian Senate


James Bredin

That pompous place in Ottawa where it’s suspected they’re alive,
Called the Senate where they’re appointed till they’re seventy five,
Unemployment to six-figure salary sold their souls to the slob,
And vote forever for him and the crowd that gave them the job.

Rampant political patronage but they never show shame,
Why should they because it’s accepted as part of the game,
Appointed judges without questions or a political race,
And the country and the people permit this slap in the face.

Alleged corruption is nothing if it cannot be proved,
Particularly if the allocation of funds is approved,
And ethics is out the window because those appointed to check,
Depend on him for their jobs and their careers could be wrecked.

Awash with political cynicism that cannot be changed,
No proportional representation or recall arranged,
No referendums or free votes but conflict of interest espoused,
Marie Antoinette travels the world and announced she’s allowed.

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