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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Canadian Access Act Arrangements

The Canadian Access Act Arrangements


James Bredin

Chretien and his clan set up a scheme to keep the people out,
To hide and conceal what he and his Liberals were all about,
They called it the Access Act to censor and stop and conceal
What they didn’t want to answer and not ever reveal.

This Access Act was just a cover for their censorship show,
Prevent and delay the public from knowing what they should know,
Used scores of civil servants in these thankless arduous tasks,
And pompously pretended they were busy behind their masks.

They called themselves coordinators of communications,
A fancy name for censorship to prevent implications,
Contentious issues should die or never see the light of day,
Nothing that might embarrass their politicians on display.

They viewed transparency as tantamount to treachery,
Prevent the people from seeing corruption or lethargy,
The cronyism of curious contracts should be concealed,
And secret shenanigans shredded in case they were revealed.

Do Canadians have the right to know the political truth?
Is that such an awful question or am I showing uncouth?
Do Canadian politicians have something awful lot to hide?
‘Bout Bombardier or Shawinigan that only they decide?

Is democracy for Canadians an impossible dream?
No recall or referendums in this dictatorship scheme,
Can’t vote for a prime minister or inquire ‘bout a judge,
Even if he/she has a special interest or secret grudge.

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