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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists Arrive Every Night

Terrorists Arrive Every Night


James Bredin

Why would they refuse to name all these criminals and thieves?
Are they in league with refugees and terrorists who deceive?
Why should they hide all this from Canadians who want to know?
Why should this Liberal government behave so wretched and low?

Thousands of these deportee refugees have long gone over the fence,
Is it possible that our politicians could be so dense?
Why can’t they give the names or the reason terrorist stay hidden?
Or is it something their immigration lawyers have forbidden?

Why are these criminals and terrorists all arriving here?
Because they’re never held in custody and they have no fear,
They’re trying to escape justice and find an easy place to live,
And they heard Canadian immigration is like a sieve.

Is it possible that Canadians might change things around?
Put these thieves and terrorists in jail so they can’t make a sound.
Force these politicians to reveal their secret agenda,
But we can’t do that because we’re not allowed referenda.

Their terrorist organizations have lots of lawyers and rights,
Waiting to set up camp when they’re given or get the green light,
They like this political arena and they’re going to stay,
‘Cause now they can evade all justice and never go away.

Respect for leftist politicians gets lower and lower,
And ethics if they ever had any gets slower and slower?
The evidence is there at the airport every single night,
As they claim refugee status coming in on every flight.

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