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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Questions about Conflict of Interest

Questions about Conflict of Interest


James Bredin

Why do we have an abundance of crooked politicians?
Why was everything okay when they were in opposition?
Why this conflict of interest when they formed the majority?
Why did they parade their crooked pride and push their authority?

Why were their actions and manipulations so well hidden?
In the Access Act where whistle blowers are strictly forbidden?
Why is whistle blowing considered such a great sin by them?
Why should they completely depend for their appointments on him?

Why do they fly for freebies and fortune from their wealthy friends?
Travel in jet planes to lodges driving fancy Mercedes Benz?
Why do accusations mean nothing when the fix is in?
Do appointees listen to the strains of a soft violin?

Why canít conflict of interest claims stop this corruption?
Would an inquiry cause such political disruption?
Why do those who should fix things move so very very slow?
Why no referendums or recall for Tom, Dick or Joe?

Was his tiny little red book no more than a big red lie?
To entice honest Canadians with dreams of pie in the sky?
Was their ethics appointee no more than an expensive sham?
Given no power to stop those who didnít give a damn?

Did those cabinet members have their hands in the cookie jar?
Did some fax their apologies as benign but bizarre?
Should crooked politicians have no set election dates?
Were their reports all hidden in fear of honest debates?

Is this another example of his Shawinigan sting?
Is money being moved quietly while we sleep and they swing?
Will they continue to behave as though nothing is wrong?
Without set dates or referendums will we be forced to go along?

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