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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Only a few Canadians bother to vote

Only a few Canadians bother to vote


James Bredin

If only forty percent of the people bother to vote,
And the gay guys of course have their own agenda to promoted,
True to their trends they vote and they’re dedicated to their cause,
As they demonstrate in their pride parades to a lot of applause.

These gay guys are then a larger proportion of the vote,
And results therefore in increased influence as numbers denote,
And it results in government and Supreme Court decisions,
That change the directions and increase these social divisions.

And now we have same-sex marriages for the gay guys and gals,
A graphic demonstration of their lobby - not their morals,
But this is not about the gay guys but acquiring power,
Of a small group as their influence increases by the hour.

This small faction can gain power out of proportion to their size,
It could be any dedicated organized group -- not just the gay guys,
Because so few people vote, the gay proportion is therefore large,
Just like their huge influence on those eventually in charge.

Therefore those who don’t vote should be taxed at least ten dollars,
Added to their income tax despite the screams and the hollers,
This would eventually emphasize Canadian democracy,
And counteract special-interest socialist aristocracy.

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