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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal-UN Love-In

Liberal-UN Love-In


James Bredin

Canada-US animosity has increased since 9/11,
And Liberals just behave like they’re in seventh heaven,
Didn’t bother to try or even to help out over in Iraq,
Went to Afghanistan instead in tin jeeps and stood way back.

And there are no terrorists in Canada they always claimed,
Forgot about him caught at the US border and named,
They’re into United Nations stuff in such a big way,
Wrote the Charter for "everyone" so their refugees could stay.

Make it legal with an immigration refugee board,
Staffed by Liberal life-time appointees who have scored,
Because refugees rarely if ever get turned away,
Through series of endless postponements and doubtful delay.

It’s obvious but not mentioned that we’re a basket case,
Where Canadians just have to embrace this indiscrete disgrace,
In lock step, in line, marching to the Liberal repression,
History is full of examples of this type of indiscretion.

As in history; their media pumps out their propaganda,
All decisions will be in keeping with socialist agenda,
And if some journalist should decide to even rock the boat,
Might get raided by the RCMP for what he/she wrote.

Liberals gloat as Canada-US animosity grows,
From 911 to SARS to mad cow to cross border flows,
In their little socialist world everything should stand still,
Status quo of no referendums or recall on parliament hill.

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