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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Letter to your Member of Parliament

Letter to your Member of Parliament


James Bredin

Dear Member of Parliament you are merely a vote,
Others will decide if, when and how you do this -- on remote,
And your constituents mean absolutely nothing to you,
Itís the party policy that rules so you move on cue.

Have you ever thought about a system where the people rule?
Real democracy with input from the voters - now thatís cool,
I hear itís done in Switzerland but weíre not allowed to know,
They say we canít ask questions or change things Ďcause it might cost dough.

Remember those endless meetings you attended through the years,
Trying to get a handle on things and to fend off our fears,
But few things changed in Ottawa and your influence was nil,
No proportional representation or referenda still.

Iím sorry to deflate you -- about you being a mere number,
It doesnít matter what you do even if youíre a grumbler,
You cannot rewrite history or change anything in the past,
But you might influence something even when the dye is cast.

You know that our democracy is no more than an illusion,
Dictatorship by a prime minister added to confusion,
Itís his agenda and itinerary that runs the shows,
So be independent and refuse Ďcause we reap what he sows.

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