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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Kyoto Agreement Maybe

Kyoto Agreement Maybe


James Bredin

They want megatonne reduction of greenhouse gas in eight years,
For fretful fear of climate change thatís coming our way, my dears,
They want us to join their lofty vision of control and behave,
Or we too might get cooked by the weather and end up in a grave.

Itís a UN thing therefore the special-interest all agree,
And weíre supposed to fall in line because theyíre always right you see,
The Americans, Russians, Indians and Chinese are not dumb,
Theyíll reduce by nothing -- not by even one single megatonne.

Canada is still bound to reduce emissions by twenty twelve,
Or our left wing UN buddies might just put us on the shelve,
But there is one tiny light at the end of this dark closed tunnel,
Wind turbines instead of nuclear stuff - remember Chernobyl.

Environmentalists in heaven with all their special-interest friends,
Itís the fashion, itís the style, itís the craze and itís the trends,
Canada of course signed on in March nineteen ninety four,
India and China not there because they know the score.

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