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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Inquisition of Inquiry into Racial Profiling

Inquisition of Inquiry into Racial Profiling


James Bredin

Toronto is having a commission of inquisition,
‘Bout police and their politically correct disposition,
Called DTSTC for short or Department to Stop the Cops,
And they’re going to have this inquisition with the usual props.

Cameras and the microphones and their many wall to wall clerks,
Appointed academics, communists and assorted jerks,
They’ll declare racial profiling here and there and everywhere,
And they’ll justify their existence in case you’re unaware.

They profess to have the answers and they’ll root out all sin,
This inquisition of inquiry about words for skin,
And those rowdy cops better listen or be taken to the task,
‘Cause the DTSTC is looking for just one racist remark.

Because the god of political correctness reigns supreme,
They’ll investigate the investigators and see if they’re clean,
Political correctness has to be maintained at all costs,
The cops have to realize that DTSTC is boss.

"And you said the DTSTC was only a waste of time,"
"Nothing but interference in your battle against crime,"
And you questioned the subpoena when it was delivered by hand,
By a lady dressed in a black veil wearing a star and a wand.

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