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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Double the Foreigh Aid Budget

Double the Foreigh Aid Budget


James Bredin

Voting improprieties, that’s how he got in and stayed there,
Manipulated an election far away from public glare,
Won ninety eight point three percent of the popular vote,
That other one point seven percent is now dead and remote.

The opposition accused him of rigging the election,
But they’re now headed for the hills and have no protection,
And his left-wing international friends always send money,
Double their foreign-aid budget and throw in UN honey.

Colonies of international white-bread hippies in jeeps,
Out there in the Third World helping these political creeps,
While left-wing politicians make pompous declarations,
At the UN and pretentious places for proclamations.

To tell socialist friends ‘bout their dedicated delights,
‘Bout places where no one has ever had property rights,
And no one would dare stand up and ask even one question,
Why and where the money goes and why that hidden aggression?

Because no one is allowed to even glance at their books,
These agencies with lettered names and sanctimonious kooks,
There’s no hope that they would despite their propaganda of being good,
Their dictators stay entrenched but this is little understood.

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