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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Did you vote for Paul Martin?

Did you vote for Paul Martin?


James Bredin

No Canadian voted for Paul Martin to be prime minister,
Is this good or bad or could it be considered quite sinister?
A cabal of isolated conspirators had to decide,
Among themselves of course -- where we’re going and who will preside.

They also decided who can get married and who will be a judge,
Where they will travel and what they will spend ‘cause we can’t begrudge,
Their power is dictatorial and responsibility is out,
People are merely numbers since democracy went that route.

Representatives of the people are no more than trained seals,
They tow the line as part of the cabal - they become wheels within wheels,
Responsibility to them would be quite an ungodly shame,
That recall, term limits and binding referendums might tame.

Appointed judiciary and cowardly cronies know what’s wrong,
Freeloaders fill up at the trough and then they all sing along,
And conflict of interest is not considered a crime or a sin,
Because his appointees who decide will always let him win.

And they use the Charter of Rights to do anything they like,
Change all the laws without question and the people can just take a hike,
And we are mere observers in dictatorship caught in their web,
Discouraged from thinking and encouraged to play brain-dead

Saturday, September 27, 2003

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