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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dear Dalton... some advice

Dear Dalton... some advice


James Bredin

Dear Dalton: Are you an example of a public mistake?
Where less than forty percent voted or bothered to partake,
‘Cause we don’t have proportional representation as you well know
So you can tax and spend to your heart’s content and aint it so?

You’ll be long gone in four years but that’s much too long to wait
Unlike California we don’t have recall or debate
‘Cause parliament is a pantomime of liars wall to wall
Guess we’ll learn the hard way how they’ll put Ontario in stall.

But maybe, just maybe - it’s a long shot -- you might change things around,
And leave a legacy, unlike Chrétien’s, that is really profound,
Give referendums to the people or is that too much to ask?
Or will you just tax and spend - the usual Liberal task?

I realize you mentioned set dates for elections - quite clever,
How about term limits for those who would stay forever?
Could we be like Quebec -- look after our own immigration?
Or is that too much to ask in your Liberal concentration?

Could the people of Ontario get rights to their property?
Or is this not part of your plan to assist those in poverty?
I realize of course this involves Trudeau’s Charter of Rights,
But please show some guts in these federal-provincial fights.

Could the people of Ontario vote for their own senators?
Why chosen by Ottawa - these unknown designators?
Could you balance a budget or get Ontario out of debt,
Could Ontario collect all taxes and sent Ottawa a check?

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