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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dalton: Why did I know

Dalton: Why did I know


James Bredin

Dear Dalton Despot: Did you learn your politics from Bob Rae?
Did he teach you how to lie and tax and spend both night and day?
Rumor has it that you already doubled the price of smokes,
And you’re soon to double the price of booze and gas for folks.

They deserve it - those socialists, who voted for your party,
They’ll just have to give up smoking and drinking and feel hearty,
And with little lights and less power they can eat in the dark,
And when they can’t pay their bills they can just go live in the park.

Will this be the last time we can see our Christmas tree lights?
With the price of power to double and triple out of sight?
Will the beer stores and the liquor stores all have to close their doors?
Is this your instant Liberal education and is there more?

If you lie to the public and get elected on that lie,
Should the public have some come back so they can say good bye?
Or should we tolerate your deception for another five years?
When us seniors will be mostly dead and many more in tears?

‘Cause now I hear you’re going to take away the seniors’ drug plan,
While you’re talking gobbledygook as stupid as Internet spam,
Are all Liberals given an exemption from ever telling the truth?
This might be a tough question but I’m not trying to be uncouth.

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