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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians should have power

Canadians should have power


James Bredin

Nine unknowns get secret appointments to the Supreme Court
We canít question partisan appointees and they just donít cavort
Because our Charter of Rights says this is the way it will be,
No democracy here and Canadians canít disagree.

ĎCause appointees are sacred and allowed to wear Bishopsí gowns,
You canít laugh at them though they may look like total stupid clowns,
Theyíre appointed for life - till theyíre seventy five or die,
Though their dumb pompous decisions may make you want to cry.

How do we convince them that the people are due for a change?
To rewrite their status quo Charter and stop acting so strange,
And write it for Canadians - not for "everyone" on the globe,
And itís the people who should have power - not snobs red robe.

Canadians should be allowed to vote for their prime minister,
Not someone arranged at a convention to administer,
We should have referendums and recall for all politicians,
Not the status quo left wing appointees on UN missions.

We need term limits, impeachment and a triple E Senate,
Not an appointed dictator to make us feel extra subordinate,
Who could manipulate the system to stay in office for life,
Traveling the world forever enjoying the high life without strife.

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