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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians are not allowed to change their system

Canadians are not allowed to change their system


James Bredin

There’s a pompous place in Ottawa where old appointees go,
A tight club of curious cadres just to keep the status quo,
No one ever heard what these unelected senators do,
You can be sure it’s nothing worthwhile that might help or interest you.

There’s another place where the appointed Supreme Court guys are good,
And they’re allowed to change the laws - ‘cause the Charter said they could,
Democracy you see has nothing to do with this - it’s dead,
Without recall or referendums that’s exactly what I said.

All these appointees have put their souls on the block long ago,
None of them were elected or even questioned ‘bout who they know,
We have dictatorship every five years but we can’t call it that,
‘Cause they like the illusion of democracy while getting fat.

Proportional representation is completely forbidden,
And appointees can’t be questioned ‘cause they’re all so well hidden,
And the people are docile and tend to follow just like sheep,
Being led to the slaughter house where they’ll be made into meat.

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