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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians are Obliged to Obey

Canadians are Obliged to Obey


James Bredin

We donít have recall, referendums or proportional representation,
We donít have impeachment of politicians with secret relations,
We donít have election dates or term limits and why, they wonít say,
Though they should be truthful, honest and ethical on those they prey.

They can rob the treasury by redirecting funds to friends here and there?
Or squandering millions around their hometown with a wing and a prayer,
And their conflict of interest can be approved by special appointed friends?
With ethics bent out of shape and no one ever admits or makes amends.

Should Canadians accept lies as truth during political elections?
Are they then compelled to obey these new political directions?
Are we so docile that we have to abide - canít protest these lies?
-- So meek and submissive it doesnít matter what they decriminalize?

Can they fly here and there all over the world for no special reason?
Direct millions to international socialist friends - just like treason,
With the details all hidden in the Access Act so no one will see,
And weíre obliged to comply as they continue to squander and spree.

We need referendums, recall and proportional representation,
Allowed to impeach crooked politicians in frustration,
Because without some controls, we the people are no more than meek lambs,
Being led to the slaughter house to submit to their political scams.

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