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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians are Molded to the System

Canadians are Molded to the System


James Bredin

The idea that the system should change is not allowed,
Canadians canít change the structure in this political cloud,
Itís direct dictatorial delivery from way up above,
No proportional representation in this mailed glove.

And referendums, recall, term limits are forbidden,
Where democracy is just a phrase and everything is hidden,
Where conflict of interest is the norm and no questions please,
No subpoenas or inquiries with all their expertise.

So they travel the world with family, media and live-in friends,
Allow same sex marriage and push the vote to prisoners in pens,
Appoint their acquaintances to the senate and the Supreme Court,
Reasons hidden in the Access Act without questions or support,

No changes to this strange ordinary organization,
And Canadians please, stay brain dead in fear of frustration,
No need to think, no need to change because everything is approved,
Theyíre all innocent parties till conflict of interest is proved.

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