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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians Can#t Change Things

Canadians Can#t Change Things


James Bredin

We should be able to change things all the way up to the top,
But why is there always someone somewhere telling us to stop?
Someone in government or media who loves the status quo,
Who wants things to stay as they are ‘cause he’s making lots of dough.

We should be allowed to change the structure to a system we like,
Not compelled by their propaganda like those in the Third Reich,
We should be allowed to vote for the prime minister that we choose,
Not someone they choose at a convention - as we wait for the news,

We should have a triple E Senate and binding referenda,
To influence politicians and not have to wait for their agenda,
We should have recall and term limits for all politicians,
And not appointed commissions with their party traditions.

We should be able to impeach a crooked prime minister,
When or if he shows the first signs of being crooked or sinister,
But how do we find a way to shake off stuck the status quo?
To find a better system that’s not stuck in sticky snow?

We need a new Constitution conference from somewhere out west,
Away from the have and have-not provinces and places depressed,
A common sense document for Canadians alone.
Something to be proud of - not a home-made special-interest groan.

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