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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Political Code of Silence

Canadian Political Code of Silence


James Bredin

The Mafia may have more ethics than our politicians,
Something similar in their code of silence and conditions,
But pompous politicians appoint the judges way up front,
Appointees who owe their jobs to them and I have to be blunt.

The irony here never gets much public attention,
Politicians want praise not accusations -- or did I mention?
And when caught they'll cover with apologies sent in by fax,
Never mention what they really do is spend and cheat and tax.

But they can't get caught 'cause the appointed judge is on their side,
Or if it's listed in the Access Act, they'll get a free ride,
But they need at least maybe ten or twenty Challenger jets,
From Bombardier of course to travel with friends and their pets.

Canadian politicians can't fly economy class,
Going fishing in New Brunswick to catch salmon or sea bass,
Or meeting Mugabe or Castro or some communist guy,
On the other side of the world where they listen to a lie.

We need proportional representation and we need it soon,
Though our politicians take holidays almost always in June,
We need set dates to stop and halt these sudden snap elections,
With millions pushed in East-Coast directions to ensure selections.

And there's no sign of censure because there's no sign of sin,
I mean millions to friends in Shawinigan is always win win,
Really referendums might only help the opposition,
Therefore they'll stop this too or any practical proposition,

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