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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Judges# Pay

Canadian Judges# Pay


James Bredin

These judges and politicians seem to be out of control,
They want to double their wages again so we’ve been told,
Plus double the cost of living allowance because they’re good,
A commission of appointed friends will decide, it’s understood.

There’s no need to justify a million-dollar salary,
And its tax free unlike you and me watching from the gallery,
And they can travel for free if they have the time and the urge,
They’re so proud of themselves, they have no need to flaunt it or splurge.

Indeed their ninety-six percent raise is not too much to ask,
If or when they work three days a week and they’re up to the task,
The government will just have to recognize what they’re all worth,
And just shove those taxes down our throats with all that other dirt.

Because they are the government and they’re helping each other,
They were appointed for life or voted there by your mother,
Need referendums and recall to get a handle on this trend
Stuck with them in the status quo and we just have to amend.

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