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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Charter of Wrongs and Rights

Canadian Charter of Wrongs and Rights


James Bredin

Our judges tend to view themselves as gods without any flaws,
And they’re allowed to do this because they make and change our laws,
Dressed up in bishop’s gowns they alone decide what’s right or wrong,
And Canadians better believe it and follow right along.

Because the Chretien/Trudeau Charter said they could all this,
It saved political decisions that could have been hit or miss,
As judicial dictatorship replaced democracy,
The elite were elated with renewed aristocracy.

As we all stand around waiting decisions from on high,
Just like any normal dictatorship we eat humble pie,
And the media keeps telling us about the Charter of Rights,
We’re so proud because they keep telling us ‘bout all these delights.

Because of their strange tendencies when they make their decisions,
‘Bout marriage, cons, queers, and terrorists immigration revisions,
The meaning of democracy is completely dampened down,
And parliament has been replaced by a fancy bishop’s gown.

And don’t ask to change the system because it just can’t be done,
No political appointee will decide to end his/her fun,
Referendums or recall are not politically correct,
No set election dates -- snap elections when we least expect.

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