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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Campaign Lies

Canadian Campaign Lies


James Bredin

What can we do about the campaign lies of politicians?
Who will say anything to get elected for their ambitions,
Why have we come to accept these obvious lies as normal?
As if they were magicians dealing with the paranormal.

And shortly after they’re elected their pack of lies just pales,
And everything they promised turns out to be just tall tales,
But the people are stuck with them for about four or five years,
While they’ve got a hand in the treasury and can give us the gears.

We need recall and referendums now to stop all their lies,
To slow these hopeless politicians in their useless disguise,
We need a system of impeachment to show them who’s the boss,
And they can be replaced before too much is plundered or lost.

I’m not saying that politicians who don’t produce should be jailed,
But we should be able to do something when and if they’ve failed,
We should fix the system and not have to accept their status quo,
Why should we tolerate them for years and listen to them crow?

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