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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Can Canadians find an Honest Politician?

Can Canadians find an Honest Politician?


James Bredin

We should have referendums if we can get enough to sign?
Binding referendums and force politicians back in line?
Stop their taxing and spending and always doubling their wages?
And hiding their conflict of interest from the peoples’ rages?

Should faceless bureaucrats be allowed to send you to your grave?
To make these life and death decisions as if you were their slave?
Downwind of a nuclear power station just breathing the air?
Should you, the obedient pliant number down there, even care?

Should we have proportional representation discussed?
Or should these ideas be consigned to the junk yard to just rust?
Should we have recall for those elected but who really screw up?
For political conflict of interest that could make you throw up?

Should their excessive traveling be allowed and never be forbidden?
Exotic itineraries in the Access Act forever hidden?
Their expense numbers that would blow the average person’s mind?
And us subservient types can’t complain and are left in a bind.

Should they be allowed to appoint their friends as their judges?
Till they’re seventy five with a lot of quiet grins and nudges?
And senators too and others as commissioners by the score?
The RCMP, the ethics guy’s right decisions and more.

But no one knows and it seems forbidden that you’ll be told,
How to change your locked-down system ‘cause you’re not allowed to be bold,
They wont change the constitution ‘cause they’ve got you in a bind,
And their papers will pompously ask you if you’re out of your mind.

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