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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Can Canadians Change the Charter?

Can Canadians Change the Charter?


James Bredin

Compulsory voting is probably against their rights,
It would no doubt cause problems for Liberal types,
They like their organized minority to be left in charge,
Better then proportional representation by en large.

The history of strong parties is written in the books,
German, Russian and Chinese if one cares to look,
Therefore proportional representation is the way to go,
So that the tyranny of the minority is kept quite low.

Because political parties have only one goal in mind,
To prolong their stay and appoint all their own kind,
Stick to the status quo and no term limits allowed,
Pump those paid-for surveys that show they’re endowed.

Binding referendums should also be in vogue,
To avoid a long-term prime minister turning into a rogue,
Can we ever change their Chretien/Trudeau Charter?
Written by them back in the days of Jimmy Carter?

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