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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Activists and Canadian Supreme Court

Activists and Canadian Supreme Court


James Bredin

Who are these special-interest groups who want to set the trends?
Influence their unelected Supreme Court lawmakers and friends,
-- Those who quote their own earlier rulings just like reigning kings,
And because they’re supreme it doesn’t matter what changes it brings.

Have you heard these judges now want much more monarchical power?
-- Provinces to report to them, if they’re being good, by the hour,
‘Cause they’re a law unto themselves - no democracy at all,
They’re appointees so unlike politicians, they can never fall.

These activist feminists, natives and gay guys who want to rule,
Influence their friends and are no mere managing meddlesome tool,
To get decisions about spouses and same-sex marriages now,
As conniving politicians hide ‘cause it’s not what they’d allow.

So Canada has to rewrite and change the Charter quite soon,
Before we all fall down some legal rat hold like some buffoon,
And we have to check with the Supremes before we get a kiss,
Or see if the outhouse is legal before we have a piss.

We’re being attacked from within by our Supreme Court if you please,
Our appointees dressed up like bishops by gradual degrees,
As they change and make more laws than parliament ever could,
And democracy goes out the door and nothing is understood.

There is no doubt we are our own worst enemy after all,
And unless we get a handle on their Charter, we’ll all fall,
To the pompous propaganda of these dedicated few,
The majority will obey, believing it’s their cue.

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