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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A Crooked Politician likes a Crooked System

A Crooked Politician likes a Crooked System


James Bredin

How do you bring a crooked politician to account?
When they’ve covered all the angles and just can’t be found out?
We should design a system of checks and balance if we care,
But the media and the newspapers tell us we don’t dare.

The mindset of the public has been set by this media,
Set on track with every phrase in the encyclopedia,
Directing matters of national concern, hype and agenda,
Pushing pompous communist notions with their propaganda.

The Charter is an example of being led down the garden path,
By scheming politicians taking the people for a bath,
Without referendums or recall or impeachment no less,
And we believed it all with the propaganda of the press.

No proportional representation ‘cause that could break the spell,
Of sticking to the status quo and accepting those from hell,
And you are just a nobody who probably doesn’t vote,
They’ve factored you in the numbers because you’re just another goat

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