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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - What Will Canada Do?

What Will Canada Do?


James Bredin

The United Nations had chances for years and always stalled,
Not too concerned about Saddam; they were never once appalled,
Because they court Castro, Saddam, Mugabe, and Mandela,
Seldom ponder the purpose of their socialist umbrella.

This could be a Canadian shock and injurious,
And our pompous politicians are not even furious,
These Liberals balance themselves precariously on the fence,
In Ottawa where international socialism is intense.

But socialism and the policies of George are not the same,
Since Bill Clinton and Jean Chretien played golf, the big game has changed,
And Canada may be a member of the United Nations,
But we live beside the US so letís avoid undue complications.

The Liberals donít want to back Britain, the US or Spain,
In this war with Saddam they want to back off and refrain,
They want to stand on their hind legs and be so morally right,
But in the long run this pompous position may not be bright.

This Liberal behavior is the same as a slap in the face,
To the Americans but the Liberals canít see any disgrace,
They prefer to pompously pander at the UN masquerade,
Than join their American brothers in this brand new crusade.

Because the US is one powerful business associate,
Where the name of the game is loyalty to negotiate,
Not when the Americans begin to tighten their border,
And the Liberals then jump up and holler disorder?

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