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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - We#re not allowed to talk about....

We#re not allowed to talk about....


James Bredin

You’re not allowed to ask about referendums or change,
‘Cause politicians might have to think or rearrange,
They like the status quo and no need for questions please,
Especially ‘bout expenditures on those trips overseas.

You’re not allowed to talk about that war in Iraq,
Where slimy Saddam and his sons all slipped out the back,
The UN wouldn’t let Canadians join in,
Indeed the Liberals all thought this might be a sin.

You can’t vote for a Canadian prime minister,
It’s a party thing though they pretend it’s not sinister,
‘Cause he owes his allegiance to those in the party,
Appoints them here and there and they cheer him quite hearty.

You’re not allowed to talk about senators or judges,
Or ask pointed questions about their prejudices or grudges,
Or why so secretly selected in the first place,
And why can’t they be replaced no matter what the disgrace.

You’re not allowed to ask about SARS or mad cow,
Or the money needed by the provinces - nothing up to now,
Though political conflict of interest is sometimes allowed,
Stopped subpoenas and investigations of the Shawinigan crowd.

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