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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto#s Sleeping-bag beauties

Toronto#s Sleeping-bag beauties


James Bredin

Itís a humiliation -- these heaps of sleeping mounds downtown,
People constantly stepping over and around these clowns,
And pompous politicians pandering, posturing politely,
To the communist collective at the council meetings nightly.

Weíll just have to accept that these people have many more rights,
Than society as a whole and accept that these mounds have might,
And the only response is in the socialist newspaper rags,
They want to provide them money, needles, and more sleeping bags.

And what kind of a message and signal do you think this sends out?
To lazy low lives or pedophiles that might be out there lying about,
Because these people then donít want to live in a safe haven,
Those shelters might smell with the low standards of the unshaven.

The goody-two-shoe types already know what the homeless need,
Some wine, some beer, some drugs, some needles and a big wad of weed,
And as they step over them on the street they should bend down and ask,
Can they take them home and offer them some whiskey from a flask.

They are a symptom that our system is as sick as a dog,
Canít control the streets, or see, for looking through this socialist fog,
Are we, the people, at fault because of this state of affairs?
Should we raise taxes for them or remember them in our prayers?

Itís obvious this must have happened in another city home,
In London, New York, Constantinople, ancient Athens or Rome,
So someone out there, I dread to say, might have a solution,
How society controls or hinders human pollution.

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