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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The UN is finished

The UN is finished


James Bredin

The UN was sold to the world as a place to dodge war,
And it did for a while till they started to follow their own star,
You may eventually read ten thousand words about what went wrong,
Sit tight and in a few verses Iíll give you the whole UN song.

As the UN expanded with new members from the left,
Their spirit of coexistence was overwhelmed and bereft,
Just because the major economies went completely global,
Communists and dictators felt left out and not very able.

They claimed their national sovereignty was therefore in peril,
Needed more money for wives to shop in Paris for apparel,
And under the guise of Human Rights they wanted things to change,
Send bags of cash for hungry people to use it in the stock exchange.

They want the International Criminal Court to control global events,
Their own appointed judges to decide about those who dissent,
They want all armies and weapons transferred to UN control,
As in their Earth Charter of 2000 - an ambitious goal.

This Human Rights was discussed at their conference in Durban,
Four days before the Trade Center attack by the taliban,
Where the US and Israel walked out of psychology,
UN wanted cash for slaves in history and an apology.

Of course you think things just canít be that terribly bad,
Nothing that couldnít be fixed up with a few dollars on the pad,
And thatís what they want so send billions quickly please,
And no questions about their left-wing philosophies and sleaze.

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